We're a video-game studio that creates high-agency narrative experiences for unique player-focused universes.
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About & Mission

Well Told Entertainment was founded in 2015 and is located in Orange County, California.

We believe that high-agency narrative content is the future of gaming, and as a young team we have specialized in cutting edge games storytelling for our 5+ years together.

From our own intellectual property in and out of VR to branded branching narratives partnering with Night School Studio, Telltale Games, Netflix, and more, we have touched every aspect of the narrative development pipeline and are eager to share our experience with partners, publishers, and fellow companies alike.

Check out da Team!
Sam Warner
Andrew Thompson
Derek O'Dell
Jennifer Re
Animation Director
Marcus Meler
3D-Art / Design / Tech
Carsen Kelliher
3D-Art / Design / Animation
Michaela Nienaber
Art Lead
Aharonit Elior
3D Animator
Taylor Cunningham
Cam Riach
Game Producer